Chen Hsong at NPE 2024: Spearheading Global Expansion with Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

On 10 May, the NPE 2024 International Plastics Exhibition wrapped up successfully at the Orlando Convention Centre in Florida. Chen Hsong presented a suite of advanced solutions, demonstrating the innovation and vitality of “Made in China” to an international audience.

Returning after a six-year hiatus, NPE 2024, held triennially, captured the global spotlight. Over 2,100 exhibitors from around the world gathered for five days, showcasing their pioneering innovations and painting a vibrant picture of the industry’s burgeoning growth.

With over 66 years of experience, Chen Hsong has established itself as a leader in the manufacture of injection molding machines. The company showcased its prowess at the event with tailored models such as the SM700 DPV, SPARK EH100, and SMV 210, specifically designed to meet the demands of the American market. By integrating cutting-edge technology with deep industry insights, Chen Hsong not only captured the attention of attendees but also provided reliable, high-performance solutions that highlighted the superior capabilities of their machinery.

772 – 7165 US Ton

112 – 337 US Tons

SM210 V
97 – 736 US Tons

Chen Hsong’s international strategy is always guided by market needs and customer priorities, and propelled by continuous product innovation. Chen Hsong has consistently honed its localisation strategies. This sustained commitment has substantially strengthened Chen Hsong’s position in the Americas, progressively boosting its market recognition and achieving new peaks in sales.


As the exhibition draws to a close, each technological breakthrough showcases Chen Hsong’s deep understanding of injection moulding applications and foresight into the industry’s future. These innovations not only exemplify Chen Hsong’s commitment to relentless innovation and leadership but also demonstrate the dedication to pioneering advancements in digitised injection molding production.

Looking forward, Chen Hsong is committed to driving development through innovation, merging new processes and technologies to deliver cost-effective, competitive solutions worldwide.

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