Expanding Into Global High-End Markets: Chen Hsong’s Prominent Appearance at NPE 2024

After a six-year hiatus, the NPE 2024 International Plastics Exhibition made a grand return from 6th to 10th May at the Orlando Convention Center in Florida. Since its inception in 1946, this triennial event has maintained significant prestige and influence internationally.

At this year’s show, Chen Hsong brought forward its leading models SM700-TP, SPARK EH100, and JM208-MK6 PRO alongside comprehensive injection moulding solutions. With their unique design concepts and advanced technology, these models became the highlight of the exhibition, showcasing the extraordinary charm of cutting-edge domestic technology. 

The expanding American market for high-end, large plastic parts has led to increased demand for two-platen machines. As a pioneer of two-platen machines in China, Chen Hsong continues to innovate in technology development and application, offering high stability, precision, energy efficiency, and safety to meet market needs.

SM700TP  High-quality, Efficient Manufacturing for Industry Clients

One of the standout demonstrations at the event was the production of a “blower housing” by the SM700-TP (known in the USA as SM700DPV), using PP material. The products featured excellent rigidity and sealing properties without any cracks or deformations, ensuring more stable and reliable use in blower production and supporting high-quality, efficient manufacturing for industry clients. 

SM 700DPV at the booth
Customer with sample products in hand asking details on production process

SPARK EH100 Electric Injection Moulding Machine

The SPARK EH100 electric injection moulding machine not only retains the excellent characteristics of all-electric injection moulding machines but also extends the application range of the moulds through integrated hydraulic technology. The SPARK EH100 is instrumental in energy-efficient, high-speed production, meeting the stringent requirements of food-grade clean workshops and offering a one-stop solution for food container injection moulding. 

SPARK EH 100 at the Booth
The SPARK produced food grade transparent lunch boxes at the show

JM208-MK6 PRO Superior Technology and Performance

In addition to the two display models previously mentioned, the unveiling of the Chen Hsong JM208-MK6 PRO (US model: SM210V) captivated the audience.

The MK6 PRO precision servo injection moulding machine is a benchmark flagship product from Chen Hsong. Since its introduction, its superior technology and performance have made it a top choice in the hydraulic injection moulding machine market. The JM208-MK6 PRO’s debut at NPE marks its first appearance in North and South America, where it has been enthusiastically received due to its distinctive appeal.

SM 210V displayed at the booth

Chen Hsong’s Strategic Expansion in North and South American Markets at NPE 2024

North and South America are among Chen Hsong’s most crucial overseas markets. The display at NPE 2024 underscored Chen Hsong’s confidence in the American markets. Through the exhibition, Chen Hsong gained deeper insights into the local industries’ needs and plans to integrate new processes and technologies to provide solutions across various sectors. Additionally, Chen Hsong will strengthen its marketing and service system to offer robust support for its client base in the Americas.

For more information about NPE or to visit Chen Hsong’s booth (Booth Number: W301), please continue to follow us on Chen Hsong’s official social media & other digital platforms.

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