Electric Injection Molding Machine Series

Electric Machine

The next generation of electrics.

The new EH Series is the latest addition to the Spark Family. Setting the highest standards in the realm of all-electric performance, the EH Series harmoniously unites the best of two worlds: electric and hydraulic.



Integrated Hydraulic Core Pulls

SPARK EH Series efficiently combines electric and hydraulic drive trains. The precision and performance of electric drives govern the overall operations, while the power and flexibility of hydraulics are harnessed for core pulling. With the EH Series, you get the best of both worlds, ensuring uncompromised power and control.


All Adapt (AA)

One machine to make them all – from ultra-thin parts requiring ultra-fast speed and responses, to ultra-thick parts demanding rock-solid stability under low-speed and prolonged high-pressure conditions.

Adaptive Control System


Auto Stress Release System (ASRS)

Auto Stress Release System (ASRS) is a revolutionary technology that, again, employs high-speed computer algorithms that dynamically monitors via high-speed digital pressure transducers, the actual motion of the injection screw (<1ms scan time).


Agile Boost Control (ABC)

Proprietary ultra-high-response servo system with very-high-speed advanced computer control, yielding no-compromise levels of responsiveness — from zero to 2000 rpm in less than 30 ms!


High-end Advanced Computer Controller

15″ touch-screen, easy-to-use HMI with user-friendly UI – power at your fingertips.

High Speed CPU for Real-time Calculations Software dynamically adjusts and compensates all hardware motion during injection, holding, recovery, ejection and clamping.

AxP With Floating Point Toggle

Algorithmic Cross-Protection (AxP) is based on high-end electronics, fine-tuned mechanical design and high-speed computer algorithms, it provides total protection to the mould during high-speed clamp closing by monitoring and adjusting, in real-time, the dynamical motions of the clamping ball-screw.

Precision and Reliability

Unique Patented Circular Platen Design
Tail Platen Adjustment Mechanism for Low friction and high stability
High-strength Machine Base Designed in Japan


Tie-bars are detached from the moving platen.

High-precision pressure transducers ensure optimal performance and protection levels

High-precision linear guide rails
for injection and clamping units

Specialty-developed IPM servomotor with fast response, high torque, low noise and temperature profile

Compatible with North American Industry standards.

Centralised automatic lubrication system. Fit for clean-room environments


Perfect for all applications in diverse industries, meets all needs

Medical Consumables

High-end Toys

Precision Electronics


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