Mark 6 Series

High Performance, Energy Efficient Injection Molding Machines

Stability & Performance

The MK6 represents the 6th generation of JETMASTER Series Servo Drive injection molding machines. Clamping mechanism, machine base, and injection unit have been significantly enhanced and strengthened to achieve superior efficiency and overall stability.

Precision – Energy Efficient

MK6-series machines employ SVP/3 servo-hydraulic technology that typically delivers 80% energy savings on average compared to older fixed displacement machines.
Precision HydraulicsTM realises repeatability within 0.05% in critical movement axes, helping clients increase their productivity and products’ acceptance rate.

80% Energy Saving

Case study

TTI Group jumped from 90% to 98.8% acceptance rate, CH machines have proven themselves to be more competitive.

Major Advantages of JM-MK6 Machines

  • 1

    Low Energy Consumption:

    High efficient Servo motors reducing energy consumption up to 80%, bringing high precision and super low noise operation.

  • 2

    Production Flexibility:

    Larger space between tie bars (tie rods clearance), maximized storks bringing molders the ability of production with various molds.

  • 3

    Redesigned Platen:

    Redesigned platen providing better distribution of clamping stress, lighter and faster operation and longer life.

  • 4

    Faster Mold Setup:

    Redesigned Ejector system providing the SPI standard and plenty of room to work with the ejector rods, which allows faster mold setup than ever.

  • 5

    Better Performance:

    Injection unit based on the bearing guides, providing better performance, absorbing of stress and even operation of the injection dual cylinders.

  • 6

    Faster Cycle Times:

    High pressure injection and fast speed recovery save seconds on cycle time.

  • 7

    Ergonomic well designed safety doors and covers maximizing the room for operation and maintenance.

  • 8

    Low maintenance requirement, repeatable and reliable production.


Machine ModelUS TonsPlaten Size (in)Tie Rod Clearance INOpening Stroke INMax daylight INMin-Max Mold Height INPDF
Focus 606617.72×17.7212.2×12.210.6323.62Download
JM650-SVP/271651.57×51.5735.43×35.43 36.2272.0413.78‐35.82 Download
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Model IDScrew L/D ratio L/DShot size (PS) OuncesScrew Stroke InchesScrew Rotation Speed RPMPDF
Focus 6018~222.05~3145.12240Download
JM88-MK618.3~24.44~77.08 (180)280Download
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

B&R Controller

Closed-loop Control Technology

Customized for the MK6 series


  • 1

    B&R Controller – Austria:

    Well known B&R Controller customized for the JM-MK6 machines.
  • 2

    User Friendly 10 Inch Display:

    10 inch vertical screen display providing user friendly operation and comprehensive list of settings and options.
  • 3

    Intelligent Control System:

    Programmable Can-Bus based I/O creating the fastest response and reliability.
  • 4


    Isolated and expandable I/O for special operations/options/ Automations.
  • 5

    Save your Data:

    Unlimited mold data saving using thumb drive.
  • 6

    Advanced Reports:

    Provides various reports for production, settings, alarm records and logs of operational settings.
  • 7

    Network ready:

    Ready to plug into a cloud-based service and participate in the IOT at the very fundamental level.


  • 1Injection pressure from 21000PSI up to 36000PSI provided by dual cross-parallel high pressure injection cylinders and shot size starting from 4oz up to 109oz.
  • 2Injection unit aliment points providing the capability of extending the L/D ratios between 17 to 25.
  • 3Linear bearing based injection unit to evenly distribute the stress of injection pressure for raising the machine repeatability and reliability.
  • 4High Torque fast speed hydraulic motor and proportional Back Pressure control providing extremely uniform recovery.
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    Electric screw drive screw for high speed and on-fly operations
    Integrated Hot runner system (control and hardware)
    Integrated valve gate (hydraulic/pneumatic) control and hardware
    Herzog shot-off nozzle
    Additional hydraulic core pullers or air blast up to 6 sets of each
    Gas assist injection for light weight productions
    Accumulated injection for thin wall productions

    Special Barrel and screw design for engineered and reinforced materials (with Glass Fiber, etc.)
    Special made machines for rigid UPVC production including widen safety doors and air cooled barrel heater bands.
    Special made machines for PET production with higher capacity of injection and recovery and 1:25 L/D ratio and reinforced ejection system.
    Local or long distance networking, monitoring capability and Industry 4.0 ready
    Automation ready

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