Supermaster Dual Platen Series
Advanced Servo Hydraulic Injection Molding Machines


Time Tested Tried & Proven

First launched in 2008 The SM Dual Platen Servo Drive injection molding series has gone over relentless improvements of the past years and remains one of our flagship machine series.

They deliver high precision, high stability, high speed, and ultimate mold protection without any of the traditional compromises.

Redefining Precision Control

Next Gen intelligent Computer Controller

High-speed advanced CPU provides ample computing power for closed-loop calculations, leading to lightning-speed responses,ultra-high precision and exceptional repeatability.
  • 1B&R Controller – Austria:
    B&R Controller customized for the SM-DPV machines.
  • 218.5” Inch High-Resolution Touchscreen Display:
    User-friendly operation including a comprehensive list of settings and options.
  • 3Intelligent Control System:
    Increased precision using self-adapting software.
  • 4Flexibility:
    More Flexibility for Programming Operational Sequences.
  • 5Save your Data:
    Unlimited mold data saving using thumb drive.
  • 6Advanced Reports:
    Provides various reports for production, settings, alarm records and logs of operational settings.
  • 7Network Ready:
    Ready to plug into a cloud-based service and participate in the IOT at the very fundamental level.

Major Advantages of SM DPV Machines

Advanced Servo Hydraulic Two Platen Injection Molding Machines

  • 1

    Incredible Speeds:

    Up to 700mm/s speed in Clamp open/close.
  • 2

    High Efficientcy Servo Motors:

    Reducing energy consumption up to 80%, bringing high precision and super low noise operation.
  • 3

    Unique Mix and Match Capability:

    You may select from 14 sizes of different clamping units and match it with 14 different injection units.
  • 4

    Speedy Setup:

    Fast die height and clamping setup technology. (Die height adjustment in only 20 seconds).
  • 5High Speed Clamping Pressure Build Up.
  • 6High Pressure Injection and Fast Speed Recovery.


  • 1Injection pressure from 18000PSI up to 28000PSI provided by dual-parallel high pressure injection cylinders and shot size starting from 81oz up to 3812oz.
  • 2Injection unit Swivel for easy barrel and screw maintenance.
  • 3Linear bearing based injection unit to evenly distribute the stress of injection pressure for raising the machine repeatability and reliability.
  • 4High Torque fast speed hydraulic motor or E-drive for screw rotation.
  • 5Back pressure controlled by proportional or LDVT valves to provide the finest contrast in recovery.
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Optional Features

  • 1Electric screw drive screw for high speed and on-fly operations
  • 2Integrated Hot runner system (control and hardware)
  • 3Integrated valve gate (hydraulic/pneumatic) control and hardware
  • 4Herzog shot-off nozzle
  • 5Additional hydraulic core pullers or air blast up to 6 sets of each
  • 6Gas assist injection for light weight productions
  • 7Accumulated injection for thin wall productions
  • 8Special Barrel and screw design for engineered and reinforced materials (with Glass Fiber, etc.)
  • 9Special made machines for rigid UPVC production including widen safety doors and air cooled barrel heater bands.
  • 10Local or long distance networking, monitoring capability and Industry 4.0 ready
  • 11Automation ready
  • 12Optional Ejector on the Fly

A New Industry Benchmark For Low-pressure Mold Protection

High precision linear potentiometers are used for the clamping, injection and ejector axes which, when combined with high-optimised algorithms, enables superior low-pressure mold protection-effective even with obstacles thinner than 0.1mm (or the thickness of a sheet of paper)

Before clamp close, put in a sheet of standard A4 paper
Almost closing, detecting paper

Low-pressure mold protection causes clamp to open

A4 paper is not even punctured through!

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