Oil, Lubrication & Preheat Functions

Oil & Lubrication Screen

1Oil & Lubrication

From the Machine Overview screen press F6 – 3 times to access the Oil, Lubrication screen.

2Oil Temperature

The recommended settings for the hydraulic oil temperature are:

Max Oil temp.: 60C
Cooling On temp.: 45C
Cooling Off temp.: 40C
Preheat temp.: 40C


The recommended settings for lubrication can be found in the machine maintenance manual or on the sticker next to the lubrication pump (see photo below).

Lubrication Auto Cycle Intervals setting should NOT be set less than 100 or greater than 2000. Lubrication Time (After Feedback OK) should be 10 seconds or greater. Failure to follow these guidelines can cause excessive wear and tear on machine toggles.

Manual Lubrication,
Hydraulic Oil & Preheat Functions

1Press The CTRL Button

From the Machine Overview screen, press the CTRL button.

2Manual lubrication

Press F3. Press F3 again to stop. Otherwise the function will continue until the timer counts down to zero.

3Preheat Hydraulic Oil

Motor MUST be OFF, press F4. Press F4 again to stop. Otherwise the function will stop automatically when the oil is warm.

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